UiPath Interview Questions and Answers

Qn.1- What is RPA?

Answer: RPA stands Robotic Process Automation. RPA is a type of automation where a machine or computer mimics a human’s action in completing rule based tasks. is used to automate business process.

Qn.2- What is UiPath?

Answer: UiPath is RPA Tool which is used to automation busniess process.

Qn.3- What are UiPath Component?

Answer: Thre are 3 main component of UiPath -
UiPath Studio - This is a tool where user can can create project using the diagram and visually.
UiPath Robot - This is called bot and it can be run on multiple computers.
UiPath Orchestrator- User can deploy the boot through orchestrator.

Qn.4- What is the various phase of RPA Life Cyle?

Answer: There are 6 phase of RPA Life Cycle -
- Discovery Phase
- Solution Design Phase
- Development Phase
- User Acceptance Phase
- Deployment and Manitenance Phase
- Bot Execution

Qn.5-Describe workflow in UiPath ?

Answer: - Sequence - This is a small type of project which is suitable for linear Process.enabling you to smoothly go from one activity to another, without cluttering your workflow.
- Flow Chart - This is used for small and large project. This is suitable for complex project.
- State Machine - This is suitable for very large workflows.they use a finite number of states in their execution which are triggered by a condition (transition) or activity. A Machine using a specific number of states used for automation.

Qn.6 - What do you mean by attended and unattended robot??

Answer: - Atteneded Robot- It is tiggered by user through their actions or events on same workstation.
- Unattended Robotic - It is not depend on userto trigger the proces as they controlled throuh orchestrator. it run any machines which are connect through orchestrator.

Qn. 7 - Different type of RPA Tools ?

Answer: There are many tools but below are some popular tools -
- Blue Prism
- UiPath
- Automation Anywhere
- OpenSpan
- WorkFusion
- Pega
- Nice

Qn.8 - What do you mean by Acitvity?

Answer: Smallest action in UiPath is called activity.

Qn.9 - Type of Vaiables in UiPath ?

Answer: - Text Vairables - It store only string .
- Boolean Variables - It store true or false.
- Integer Variables - It store integer.
- Array Variable - It stores multiple value of same type.
- Date and Time Variable - It stores Date Time.
- Data Table Variable - It stores the data table. - Generic - It stores any tyoe of data. -

Qn.10 - How to convert string variable into int?

Answer: We have to use Convert.ToInt32() Method

Qn.11 - What do you mean by argument?

Answer: Argument is used to pass data into into one workflow to another workflow.

Qn.12 - What do you mean by Generic?

Answer: Generic is used to store any type of data.

Qn.13 - Explain wildcards in UiPath?

Answer: - Asterisk (*) - It replace zero or more characters .
- Question mark ( ?) - It replace a singhle character.


Qn.14 - What do you mean by recording?

Answer: Recording is very useful functionality in UiPath which capture the user's action on the screen and translate them into sequences. There are 4 type of Recroding -
-Basic recording
- Desktop recording
- Web recording
- Citrix recording

Qn.15 - What do you mean by Basic recording?

Answer: - Basic recording is suitable for single activity and it generate a full selector for each activity. It does not generate any container.

Qn.16 - What do you mean by Desktop recording?

Answer: Desktop Recording is suitable for multiple activities and it generate container. It is faster than basic recording.

Qn.17 - What do you mean by Web recording?

Answer: Web recording is suitable for web application and browser. It generate the containers so it is faster than basic recording.

Qn.18 - What do you mean by Citrix recording?

Answer: Citrix recording is suitable for Virtual Machine.

Qn.19 - What do you mean by Data Scraping?

Answer: Data scraping is a technique which help to sextract structured data from web or any application and data save in excel or database .

Qn.20- What do you mean by OCR?

Answer: OCR is used to read text from Images . There are different OCR available -
- Abby OCR
- Abby Cloud OCR - Google Cloud Vision OCR
- Microsoft Azure Computer Vision OCR
- Microsoft Orchestrator
- Microsoft Project Oxford online Orchestrator
- Tesseract OCR

Qn.21- List of Error Handling Activities?

Answer: - Try Catch
- Throw
- Terminate Workflow

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